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...but Mom always liked you best....
As pointed out by that old Smothers Brothers gag, there is a long lasting consequence to the idea of a parent showing preference for one of their children over another. Winemakers seem to be put in a similar situation when it comes to different vintages, bottlings or even varietals on a regular basis. Fortunately, wines don’t have feelings so winemakers can actually admit to favorites, for whatever reason. The usual question: ‘Which is your favorite?’ And the answer is usually the same, ‘it depends.’ ‘What are we eating with it?’ ‘What is my mood?’ ‘What is the weather like?’ ‘Who am I sharing this with?’ Just as I love each of my two children for who they are as individuals, the same applies to a degree for each of my wines. There is normally no one ‘favorite’ because they are all unique and special. The challenge of parenting and winemaking is to guide and help each of your children and wines to let their best qualities shine as brightly as possible. Then it is time to stand back and appreciate the results.

The three vintages 2012-2014 offer a strong string of wines in all the areas of Sonoma County across a diverse range of varieties. It is arguable which site performed best in which vintage, but they are all really close when one stands back and takes a good long look. With few exceptions, it is hard to play favorites among these individual wines. While I try not to do that, I have to be honest that the 2014 Old and Mature Vines Zinfandel offered on futures here is shaping up to become darned special. It is also in relatively short supply. I don’t think the graceful 2012 OMV or the generous 2013 will hold that against us at vertical tasting reunions.

Focusing on the bottled wines in this offer, I’m impressed overall with the 2012 Pinot Noir vintage here in Sonoma County, especially nearly a year after they were bottled when they really begin to show their true nature and lasting strength. Across the board, they boast a really strong backbone of structure that supports good intensity of fruit. These wines should hold together beautifully for a very long time. Regarding Zinfandel, 2012 and 2013 also had different strengths that complement each other well. Our Zinfandoodle v.2.3 illustrates that symbiosis perfectly. By contrast, our Chardonnays from the same two vintages (2012 and 2013) are much more alike than they are dissimilar. Looking back at 2011, in the past I have gone on at length about the amazing quality of the pre-rain wines (Pinot Noir in particular). The 2011 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir offered in the spring and the 2011 Big Brother in this offering are perfect examples of that. Easy choices there!

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above: Inspecting Syrah clusters at the Calypso Vineyard during harvest 2007.
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